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The next generation social community! Connect with your friends with full profiles, reactions, badges, quests, ranks, credits, shop, watch videos even get paid!

Paidtube Community

How works ?

We ensure that the paidtube has everything you need to enjoy and earn money. When you join as a member of Paidtube you will have instant access to thousands of activities to earn points. Complete them at your leisure and redeem accumulated points for instant rewards!


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  • Earn points by just posting, sharing, and writing, simply using social media and watching videos


Redeem points for Paypal cash or hundreds of gift cards or just for shopping!

Main Features

Be Social. Earn Points. Get PayPal Cash.

Powered by new generation technologies, paidtube has super complete profile pages with a sleek design, info boxes to show things like your gamification earnings or friends, and a slider for easier access. You’ll also find other community pages, like a newsfeed, members and groups directory, and more!

You can also create public and private groups to find people that share your same interests! We also created an account hub so you can easily manage lots of stuff, like group creation, group management, avatar, cover upload, main profile info, email settings, and much more!

Main Features

Have Fun With the
Competition System!

Using Paidtube Achievements, Credits, and Ranks features, we built a super complete competition system that has badges, quests, ranks, and credits. To link all to the overall design, we created widgets for the profiles, credits counters for the top menu, and progress bars for the avatars, among other things!

With this competition system, you’ll earn more points, get more popular, get engaged, and have your own new contacts, connection, and followers with badges, quests, ranks, and credits also have fun choosing the ones you like the most! 

Main Features

Connect with People
In the Forums!

Paidtube has a forum integration so you can easily discuss in awesome forums with images, subforums, and topics to share interests with the community!

We styled it to make it look like the original design and also added some new stuff, like the tags, voices, and user widgets at the side of the topic replies. This integration also has complete user’s profile forum stats and groups integration so you can link forums to your group!

Main Features

Not ruled by admins but the community and via
Account Hub

Once users are logged in. when they click the little cogwheel at the top right corner, they will be able to access all the author hub sections! In here they will be able to change profile and account info, like avatar and cover, email settings, password, social networks and much more!!


You’ll also find a groups dedicated section where you’ll be able to manage and create groups, check and promote members (to for example, mods and admins) send invitations and manage the private groups requests!

Paidtube Community

Why Paidtube?

Read here about all the cool features and sections that community includes!

Super complete profiles, incredible gamification system, friendly forums and much more social stuff!

Awesome Community

An incredible community with super full profiles, social links, gamification items and much more!

Competition System

An incredible competition system with badges, quests, ranks and credits to earn and unlock!

Friendly Forums

Easy to navigate and post forums! Create your own discussion to talk with other people!

Super Author Hub

A complete author hub with profile settings, info, email preferences, group management and more!

Earnings and Profits

You can have your own profits and earnings all up to you. There is no limit, the limit is the sky. Be engaged and earn

Private Groups

You can easily create private groups from your author hub! Just go to the manage groups section!

Paidtube Community

Asked Questions

We know that some of you may have lots of questions about the community, how it works, and what you can and cannot do, so here’s a recopilation of the most common questions we get asked.

If you have any further questions, just send us an email to

It is just one button. Click the register button, and put your e-mail, username, and password. And your Real Name and Surname, however, can be a pseudo-person like Satoshi Nakamoto. But don’t forget that you gain community better choose your real persona. That’s it.

As we are going to be a huge community. There is no necessity to limit registration however we have unique system for cheaters for multiple users and etc.  Such as credits may set to zero.  

Yes, creating an account is free. You are not forced to buy memberships. We have a competition system and member ranking system. Badges, quests, achievements, will help you get more earning and ranking and upgrade your membership

Yes. If you have Instagram followers,  youtube subscribers,  Twitter followers,  twitch subscribers,  Facebook friends, or TikTok friends, they can also see your live twitch streams or even your youtube channel or stories here. Even you can invite your sister/brother or your cousin

Credit systems allow you to to get rank, getting more connections, more followers or subscribers, visitors, and more. You can use the your credits to convert to upgrade memberships or get paid via gift cards or even real products via the shop. We have different type of credits like Gold, Emerald, Diamond, and Gem. 

Emerald Credits :

When you add/accept a friend you can get x1 Emerald credits, however, if you remove friends or if your friend removes you will lose x2 times more credits. 

Gems Credits: 

When you change your avatar in a month 1 time you gain 10 gem credits or change your cover image to 20 gem credits. 

However, if you leave a group you might lose 50 gem credits.

Gold Credits:

When you Post a profile status update, videos, posts, images, etc.  you get each time equivalent gold credit according to post type.

However, if you delete these posts you will lose x2 times points. 

Diamond credits :

By watching youtube videos randomly appears, you will earn 5 points Diamond credits.

You can earn more credits via Achievements. 

Earning Badges and Winning Quests will help you gain more points. There are currently 25 Badges and 15 Quests in Paidtube. To get more info you can visit Achievements page.

Thanks to our ranking system, our community is getting more engaged and also becoming more organic. 


To get ranked you need to do daily activities also won defined badges, and complete necessary quests for the specific rank.


We have currently 6 ranks in paidtube community system

To get more info you can visit the ranking page.

If you are already a member you can also post in the forum. However, for some specific topics started by members, they might lock the content according to badges or ranks, or member type.

Paidtube Community

Watch a Preview

In this video you’ll be able to see what used to was offering ! 

We are online more than 8 years ! Soon we are planning to add more videos to explain how to use effectively to get you more profit from it.